Source of the Nile PBEM

Partial Player Aid
People for Hire:
 + Bearers:
    - Carry up to 10 items or its equivalent in weight
    - Paddle canoes
    - Lead up to three pack animals
 + Guides:
    - Help prevent getting lost
 + Askari:
    - Hunt for fresh food
    - Fight in battles

 + Two Species:
    - Horses
    - Camels
 + Two Types:
    - Pack mount
      Carry up to 20 items or its equivalent in weight 
    - Ride mount
      Carry up to 5 items or its equivalent in weight
      (Rider weighs 15 items)
 + Notes:
    - Mounted expeditions move faster than ones that are one foot, but
      all members must be mounted to get this bonus
    - Animals cannot travel in canoes
    - Mounted Bearers cannot carry anything, but can lead animals
    - Horses can be purchased only at: Durban, Port Elizabeth, or Capetown
      Horses cannot enter swamps or lakes
    - Camels can be purchased only at: Khartoum or friendly desert tribes
      Camels cannot enter jungle, swamp, or lake
      Camels may be able to enter a desert hex without requiring water
    - Animals not being ridden or led are lost forever

 + Carry 300 items or its equivalent in weight
 + Weigh 40 items
 + Only travel along rivers, lakes, swamps, and the coast
 + Only Bearers may paddle or carry canoes
 + Move faster than foot expedition if every member is in a canoe

 + Rations:
    - Two Types:
       1. Fresh: Aquired by hunting and foraging
                 Must be eaten on the turn they are collected or else
                 they spoil
       2. Non-Perishable: Purchased at ports or received from friendly
                          Never spoil
    - Each member consumes one ration of food each turn or is starving
    - Animals feed themselves with one exception: Horses who end a move
      in a desert hex need 4 rations or they die
    - Animals may be shot to provide 10 rations
      Horses cannot eat this meat
    - Can be used to aquire gifts from friendly tribes to further trade
 + Gifts:
    - Used to convince a chief and his tribe to become friendly
    - Used as currency to barter with friendly tribes
 + Water:
    - Never purchased
    - Available everywhere except desert hexes without a river or oasis
    - Only needed when entering a desert hex and not following a river
      (even if hex is known to be an oasis)
      In this case expedition needs enough water to satisfy all members
      and animals being taken into the desert
    - Collected for free at any non-desert, oasis, or river hex
    - Humans consume 3 units of water per turn in the desert
    - Horses consume 8 units of water per turn in the desert
    - Camels consume 8 units of water per turn in the desert or
      they can consume 16 units every second turn in the desert
 + Muskets
    - One musket per Askari is required
    - One musket for the Explorer if they are to hunt and fight
    - All Askaris hired at port are assumed to have a musket by default
      (Do not need to be provided with one)
    - Can be used to barter for gifts

Explorer Abilities:
 + Can perform the duties of a Bearer
 + Can hunt and fight as an Askari if in possession of a musket
 + If an Explorer does Bearer work, 1 Askari per turn will desert the
   expedition until the Explorer gains their respect again
   Killing a dangerous animal or gaining victory over an unfriendly
   tribe will gain respect
 + Two Explorers cannot combine efforts

Sequence of Play:
 + Select an activity level for the turn
 + Draw one Event Card for possible disaster if not in port or Cape Colony
 + Move your expedition
    a. If entering an unknown hex check to see if lost
    b. For unknown hex:
        1. Draw Event Card for terrain
        2. Draw Event Card for course of a River
        3. Draw Event Card for native tribe
           check Strength Table for size
    c. When ending in a hex containing a native tribe
        1. Trade or continue if tribe is friendly
        2. Select policy if tribe is not friendly
            a. Consult Attitude Table to determine result of policy
            b. Implement policy result
 + Consult Hunting Table
    - Adjust rations/water if needed
    - All sick are cared for after hunting using the Recovery Table
    - All desertions are made and noted
 + Draw Event Card for possible bonus

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Source of the Nile is (c) 1979 Avalon Hill, and was designed by Ross Maker and Dave Wesely
All rules and components for this game are, and may only be, used solely for PBEM purposes.
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