Source of the Nile PBEM

Welcome to Source of the Nile PBEM!
This site provides players with a variety of SOTN resources to play the game via email. Some previous and current SOTN PBEM games are up here as well as the rules, game charts, and some articles on the game.

It also allows players to have a virtual deck for a Source of the Nile game. It's intended to facilitate PBEM games, but would work just as well for a FTF game.

To get started, one player (or the GM) needs to create a deck using the link on the left. They can then perform all deck functions through the Deck View which they can get to via the Current Decks link. If there's no GM, or all players want the ability to perform deck functions, then the deck's creator must share the password with the rest of the players.

After 30 days of inactivity, a PBEM deck will automatically be deleted!
Any action (draw, shuffle, or update emails) will keep the deck active.
The Current Decks page now displays the date of last activity.

Source of the Nile is (c) 1979 Avalon Hill, and was designed by Ross Maker and Dave Wesely
All rules and components for this game are, and may only be, used solely for PBEM purposes.
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