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Welcome to Roads & Boats by Web!
Here you can play Roads & Boats online over the web without downloading anything.
Airports, Bomb Factories, and Trains from Plans & Trains have been implemented.
Nothing else from &cetera has been incorporated.

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*** This site is in a testing phase right now! ***
The biggest problem so far is that the Temple phase is buggy.

Recent Changes
Obfuscated Action URLs to Prevent Tampering1.2.212/28/2007
Fixed End Game Scoring and Copying and Resetting Solo Games 12/28/2007
Updated Charts to use Game Logic instead of Static Image 12/27/2007
Added High Scores Table and Tracking 12/27/2007
Added Player Notes Area 12/27/2007
Attempted to fix the Temple Phase1.2.112/19/2007
Added Trains1.212/19/2007
Added 1 solo map 12/19/2007
Added Airports and Airplanes1.112/19/2007
Fixed display issue in certain browsers 12/19/2007
Added 3 solo maps and 2 two player maps 12/19/2007
Updated some styles 12/18/2007
Brought site back online1.012/18/2007

Stabilize Temple Phase
Finish logging functionality
Rivers (?)
Expansion material (?)

"Roads and Boats is like Ravel's Bolero compared with most games' 1812 Overture"
  -- Ben Baldanza, Counter Magazine 05/2000

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