Blackbeard - Cyberboard Files


Gamebox v4.1 (Updated 03/24/2003)

Gamebox v3.9 (by David Richtmyer - 02/10/2003)
Zipped Files
   Contains gamebox and solo and multiplayer .gsn files


Map (50%)
Ship Logs (Filled Out)
Ship Logs (Blank)
   Screenshots are from v3.8


Changes since 4.0:
Added a Ship Log marker group.

Changes since 3.8:
Fixed Transit Box 1.
Fixed Thomas Tew's Counter.
Added Log Counters.

Changes since 3.7:
Fixed Kennedy's name marker, and De Lusan's Crew Unrest marker.
Added smaller numbers, and colors for when Ports are attacked.
Added nationalities to Shipping Lanes for unflagged Merchant purposes.
Added hex numbers to the map.

Changes since 3.8 (David's New Version):
Added scanned card deck.
Added 3D effects to counters.

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