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B-ship strategy (or shenanigan) on Blood on my hand?

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B-ship strategy (or shenanigan) on Blood on my hand?

Postby Divva » Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:15 pm

Map link:

excuse me i can't find high level games using this (so-called) strategy, it is a hope that my crude remarks may draw forth by abler people :wink:

In early phase both sides won't conflict a lot due to the narrow terrain that helps defense. And an early copter can force your opponent to build maybe more than one AA and copters to counter it. After that, your income is about to reach 20000, save ~10000 money and then B-ship. You can have one in ~day 12 if everything goes smoothly. Or you can delay a bit to deal with some urgency.

Casting away CO issues, it seems there are not an efficient and immediate counter to B-ships on this map.
1. it is near your airport and far away from enemy's. Copters do only 25% to B-ship, including luck damage, it will be 30% in average, it's 8400 funds, so sacrificing a copter to give B-ship a shot is not that worthwhile. Also B-ship on reefs and ports has more defense. You can defend your B-ship with copters, sometimes a fighter to deal with stealth.

2. enemy port is locked down by the b-ship immediately, and you can use copters to block your b-ships from enemy subs even if he made one.

3. Also gaining instant supportive firepower's to a easily contested city and urge enemy's side front to back off, so he can't use AA to threaten your airport.

4.B-ship can help a lot at rushing the enemy base near it, you can either move to a reef or directly into the enemy port to threaten your foe . also aids central front and threatening enemy tower.

5.As far as i see, if you play defensely, you won't have a lot of trouble in the sides because it's narrow, and the center is late-developed so mostly there won't be much conflicts.(This needs some discussion.)

About COs

Andy: B-ships are difficult to KO, hyper upgrade can nullify a few copter shots even if it isn't on the 3-star defense port.

Hawke: like Andy,though he can't repair so efficiently, he is much better than Andy in d2d. also mass damage helps base rushing, also weaken enemy's b-ship.

Kindle: blight hurts when your opponent is making a b-ship, also you can park the b-ship in enemy's port to gain +40% firepower, which will help a lot on base-rushing.

Sasha: early B-ship and rush. has more money to spam copters in mid game. may threaten enemy's B-ship or protect her own ship.

Drake: though his b-ship is tough, but his air force sucks, may not be able to protect his B-ship from enemy copter spams. Anyway typhoon is a great skill in low tier CO's . Building a sub to counter b-ship is also viable if the b-ship is deported and lack blocking units. his sub has +55% def on ports. especially during or after your SCOP

Rachel: Damaging enemy B-ship, on the other hand, B-ship will making his opponent easier to locate the missiles, but anyway it hurts if you aren't Andy or Hawke

Eagle: maybe 80% atk is not totally bad with indirects(not sure about this, because that means no OHKO and sometimes fail at 2HKO, it's bad for such an expensive unit), not to mention B-ship also benefit from Lightning Strike, but the opponent may build a sub to counter it, also mass damagers will weaken its poor firepower into uselessness. so he isn't the best pick for this strategy. His copters are strong, so he will likely to have the air domination. His copter spam will counter enemy B-ship efficiently.
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