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Fog League Table Win Percentages

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Fog League Table Win Percentages

Postby blanci1 » Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:55 pm


It is well known that the league "ratings" have cosmic inflation and suck. And i remember Kam (or some good guy) said "win percentage" is better.

Well, I just discovered that clicking on the win-percent column re-orders the league tables. After this it is easy to merge the tables for the different countries.

So far, I have done only the Fog (Luck?) League as im doing rather well there (he he..), which i post below. If anyone fancies doing any of the other leagues please feel free to post.

I hope this can generate debate, help promote the leagues and provide amusement all round.... and animate players to remain active for longer !

Of course the results are only for one instant in AWBW universal time, and can change quite quickly! Well, they do say "make hay while the sun shines".

And ... yeah, i know.


FOG LEAGUE - Win Percentages -Sept 25, 2010

(an arbitrary minimum of 4 games is required for statistical sense... though for the upper part, most have played more than 10 games) )

Disclaimer-- of course, fog has a luck element, so one could argue this list simply provides a measure of the players luck !

blanci1 0.909
tst5304 0.857 ( 7 games only)
taviroww 0.846
RockmanX_Zero 0.833
walkerboh01 0.818
fdkanns 0.804
benbever 0.750 (**?)
Im_Pro_You_Blow 0.750
Janusmarine 0.741
mrapex 0.714
japanj 0.714
Sothis 0.709
airob 0.700
rast2 0.667
Cereal Killer 0.667
Divva 0.667
Lalann 0.667
Jasun 0.667
1000rpm 0.657
Mechalviathan 0.632
shinyaman 0.625
SandSkin 0.600
McLuvin 0.600
gorge 0.600
toddwinokur 0.556
xushu 0.563
D.D 0.563
manga_fanatic 0.533
DuelStriker 0.515
sulla 0.500
Tyrannic Padishah 0.500
YURA 0.500
gwenjemaelle 0.476
grandline 0.474
pjm360 0.400
Small Geezer 0.400
funwes 0.400
whitters1974 0.143 (and improving !)

n.b. accounting for the draws (ignored in the win percentage) then i would estimate that 0.400 is roughly "average" (not 0.500), so the list basically includes somewhat above average players.

May the luck be with you!
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Postby funwes » Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:13 pm

funwes 0.400

I'm surprised it's even THAT high :lol:
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Postby mrapex » Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:59 pm

funwes wrote:
funwes 0.400

I'm surprised it's even THAT high :lol:

your always that high.

good job on the list

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Postby Cereal Killer » Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:06 pm

Man this is like one of my worst leagues too. :(
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Postby Mcluvin » Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:45 am

I thought I'd just post this for lols and to show how little you can rely on the league records to determine relative skill.

L1 Official AWBW League

Name W/L/D Win % Rating

McLuvin 13/0/0 1.00 1,013.94

Dhomochevsky 19/4/0 .826 970.52

I suppose you could get something more reliable with more games, but with very few, you get nothing.

Edit: The spacing I used when typing this wasn't showing up when I posted it, so I color-coded it to make it easier to read.
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Postby Walker » Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:38 pm

To be fair mcluvin, 13-0-0 is pretty impressive :wink:

But I know what you mean, my own league ratings fluctuate wildly, I'm like 11-7 in L3 and 12-7 in L1, but 23-4 in L2 and 20-1 in L8. Depends a lot on who you play and the matchups you get mostly (CO & map etc)
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Re: League Table Win Percentages

Postby xushu » Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:50 pm

blanci1 wrote:...
xushu 0.563

I just now got around to reading this thread... too much time working, I suppose~ ^_^;;

Never was one to play FoW games and expect to win them. I am actually a little surprized to see myself over .500, lolz.
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