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Divva's Custom COs

Talk about custom COs, units, classes, weapons or anything else.

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Divva's Custom COs

Postby Divva » Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:36 am

Flick the Reaper

D2D: universal 80% atk, deal 1 dark damage(regardless of attacker's HP, lethal) when first strike
COP(3) - blow of death - effect of dark damage +1, works when counterattack
SCOP(6) - kiss of death - effect of dark damage +2, works when counterattack, a unit will heal 3HP when it kills an enemy.

Heck the Disruptor

D2D: get 1/3 star in CO Power bar at the beginning of every turn unless it is full
COP(3) - disruptive wave - enemies' atk -25% for one turn
SCOP(7) - ultrasound wave - enemies get 1 damage, atk -40% for one turn

Russell the Agent

D2D: universal +20% atk vs foot soldiers, -10% atk vs other units
COP(3) - assassinate - +50% atk vs foot soldiers
SCOP(8) - mind control - you can order enemies' foot soldiers to MOVE or FIRE and WAIT in one turn.

Mirana the Stealth

D2D: enemies' counterattack is 20% weaker (can't work on SONJA, also COP and SCOP's counterattack weakening)
COP(2) - Hideous Strike - enemies' counterattack is 60% weaker.
SCOP(5) - Stealth Assault - enemies can't counterattack, and your troops get +1 movement and +20% Atk.

Stellur the Heretic

D2D: blandie
COP(2) - Dark Worship - 1 damage to all of your units, and your units get +30% atk and +1 movement and -20% def for one turn
SCOP(5) - Deadly howl - 2 damage to all of your units, and your units get +70% atk and +2 movement and -20% def for one turn
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Re: Divva's Custom COs

Postby SmackCakes » Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:35 pm

I like the idea of Stellur the Heretic.

Though I think her powers should probably be a lot better considering she suffers mass damage for them. Her COP basically makes her Grimm for the day... which is good with +1 movement, but then having 9hp units means she is still really only on a par with being bland.

I think her SCOP and COP should be pretty extraordinary to account for the self damage.
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