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23 COs

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23 COs

Postby Hellraider » Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:50 pm

And even though there are people who won't like it, they are all Touhou themed. Because it is much easier to think of abilities and powers when there is some kind of reference. So here you go. They are supposed to be somewhat Tier 2-3 (although some are not). A few have obvious AWBW counterparts, and a few have rather unique abilites, which also makes balance difficult.

Scarlet Devil Mansion

Hong Meiling xxxXXX

Day to day: +30/+10 on cities.
COP – Gorgeous Sweet Flower: +0/+20 for all units.
SCOP – Extreme Colorful Typhoon: +0/+20 and 4 hp repair for all units.

Patchouli Knowledge xxxXX

Day to day: 120/100 indirects, 90/100 air units.
COP – Rage Trilithon: +10/+0 and +1 range for indirects.
SCOP – Royal Flare: +20/+0 and + 1 range for indirects, they also splash 20% of their damage on tiles next to the targeted unit.

Sakuya Izayoi xxxXXXXXXXXX

Day to day: 110/110 air units.
COP – Killing Doll: +40/+0 for her air units.
SCOP – Sakuya's world: All opponent's units are paralyzed in his turn, and he receives neither income nor repair.

Remilia Scarlet xxxxXXX

Day to day: Always does exactly 5% luck damage. (The average of her luck range.)
COP – Curse of Vlad Tepes: Opponent's units get -30/-0 and will do minimum luck damage.
SCOP – Spear the Gungnir: Targetable 5x5 diamond missile that does 4hp damage.

Flandre Scarlet xxxXXX

Day to day: 110/100 units, can't repair.
COP – Starbow Break: +40/-20 for all her units.
SCOP – Laevatein: +50/-0 for all her units, 3 hp damage done to every unit on the field.


Tewi Inaba xxXXX
Day to day: -1 movement costs in forests for units with wheels or treads.
COP – Fluster Escape: +1 movement for all units.
SCOP – Ancient Duper: +2 movement for all units.

Reisen Udongein Inaba xxxXXX

Day to day:
COP – Mind Shaker: The opponent gets -20/-20 for his units.
SCOP – Lunatic Red Eyes: Reisen's units become cloaked.

Eirin Yagokoro xxxXX

Day to day: +2 hp repairs on allied structures (for extra costs)
COP – Hourai Elixir: 3 hp heal for own units.
SCOP – Curse of Heavens – Apollo 13: -2 movement and -30 fuel for the opponent's units.

Kaguya Houraisan xxxXXXXX

Day to day: 110/110 for all vehicles.
COP – Buddhist Diamond: +10/+10 for all vehicles, +20% defence against indirects.
SCOP – Life Spring Infinity: +30/+10 for all vehicles, +40% defence against indirects, her vehicles with more than 1HP will survive if they receive lethal damage and remain at 1% HP instead.

Underground World

Rin Kaenbyou xxXXXXX

Day to day: +10/+0 on roads and bridges.
COP – Cat's Walk: +1 movement, an additional +10/+0 on roads and bridges.
SCOP – Needle Mountain of a Former Hell: +2 movement, +20/+0 for all units and 1 hp damage to all enemy units.

Utsuho Reiuji xxxxxXXX

Day to day: 130/80 units.
COP – Hell and Heaven Meltdown: 2 hp damage to all enemy units.
SCOP – Subterranean Sun: 3 hp damage to all enemy units.

Yuugi Hoshiguma xxXXXXX

Day to day: 120/100 vehicles, 90/100 air and sea units.
COP – Mysterious Powers and Disrupting Spirits: The opponent loses half of the damage you do worth of charge. The opponent does not gain charge as long as this power is active.
SCOP – Knockout in Three Steps: +30/+0 for vehicles for this and the next two turns.

Youkai Mountain

Nitori Kawashiro xxxxXX

Day to day: +1 movement and 100/120 sea units.
COP – Kappa's Pororoca: 1 hp damage and halves fuel for all enemy units.
SCOP – Monster Cucumber: Heals all her units which are on or next to a water tile (sea, reef, shoal, port, river) for 6 hp.

Aya Shameimaru xxXXXX

Day to day: 130/100 air units, +1 vision in FoW
COP – Crossroads of Heaven: +10/+10 and +1 movement for air units.
SCOP – Illusionary Dominance: +3 movement for all units.

Sanae Kochiya xxXXXX

Day to day: -1 movement cost on reefs and rivers.
COP – Moses' Miracle: All her units are able to traverse river and sea tiles. However, they can't stand on them.
SCOP – Yasaka's Divine Wind: Pushes all enemy units 1 square towards the border of the map which has the least distance towards his HQ. If there are several borders with the same distance, the order of priority is: top, bottom, left, right.
Units which land on terrain they normally can't cross take 2 hp damage.

Kanako Yasaka xxxXXX

Day to day:
COP – Unremembered Crop: Gains her current income as funds.
SCOP – Omiwatari God Crosses: Gains 3% attack per 1000 funds.


Chen xxXXX

Day to day: +10/+0 on plains and forests, -20/-0 on water tiles.
COP – Phoenix Egg: Gains 10% attack for each terrain star.
SCOP – Flight of Idaten: Gains 10% attack for each terrain star, +1 terrain star, +1 movement.

Hakurei Reimu xxxxxXXX

Day to day: 90% unit cost.
COP – Evil Sealing Circle: Paralyzes units in a 5x5 diamond area. Targetable.
SCOP – Fantasy Heaven: +0/+90 for all units.

Marisa Kirisame xxxXXX

Day to day: 120/100 directs, 80/100 indirects
COP – Master Spark: +30/+0 for directs.
SCOP – Blazing Star: +40/+0 and +1 movement for directs.

Alice Margatroid xxXXXX

Day to day: 120/100 footsoldiers.
COP – Little Legion: Spawns ready to move infantry on every owned production facility and the HQ.
SCOP – Return Inanimateness: Spawns ready to move infantry on every owned property. They explode at the end of the turn, doing 1 hp damage in a 3x3 diamond area each. +30/+0 and +1 movement for footsoldiers.

Mystia Lorelei XXXXX

Day to day: -1 vision for the opponent in FoW
SCOP – Song of the Night Sparrow: Induces FoW for the opponent which lasts 2 turns. If it already is FoW, the opponent loses another point of vision instead, this effect also lasts 2 turns.

Letty Whiterock xxxxXXXX

Day to day: Immune to snow, +20/+0 for all units in snow.
COP – Cold Snap: Changes weather to snow for 1 turn.
SCOP – Flower Wither Away: Changes weather to snow for 2 turns.


Day to day: 110/110 units.
SCOP – Icicle Fall – Easy: -10/-10 for her units.
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Postby YukiKitsune » Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:21 pm


Day to day: 110/110 units.
SCOP – Icicle Fall – Easy: All of Cirnos direct attack units get +90/+0. All of Cirnos units that attempt to attack directly miss their target.

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Postby DullPheonix » Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:42 pm

A number of these seem quite random, like a hodgepodge of different existing COs stuck together using industrial-grade duct tape.
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Postby Autumn Storm » Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:52 pm

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Postby Usthepeople » Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:12 am

YukiKitsune wrote:Cirno XXXXXXXXX

Day to day: 110/110 units.
<span>SCOP</span> – Icicle Fall – Easy: All of Cirnos direct attack units get +90/+0. All of Cirnos units that attempt to attack directly miss their target.


thank you
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Re: 23 COs

Postby blozzee » Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:52 am

Cirno won't be the strongest if she's nerf'd that bad D:
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Re: 23 COs

Postby Desklamp » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:30 am

These are really good! They seem both more exciting and more balanced than the original COs.
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Re: 23 COs

Postby Mori » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:27 pm

Looking over this again, I'm wondering how hard it would be to set up a Custom Wars variant with these COs. Could be a cool project later down the line.
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