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CO Scrounger

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CO Scrounger

Postby NARFNra » Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:14 am

CO Name: Scrounger
CO Bio: Scrounger is the codename of an old, poor CO, who became one by a clerk accident many years ago. He was kept around after doing successfully in an early invasion first invasion of Green Earth. Unfortunately, he's paid little due to "Budget Cuts(Hawke blows it all on coffee, Flak blows stuff up that costs money to be repaired, Adder spends it on himself, Jugger on upgrades, Kindle on hair supplies, Koal on footstools, and Lash does the predictable with it), and thus is used to dealing with low levels of price range.

Infantry units are excluded from D2D
all units are 130-(priceofunit/1000)/125-(priceofunit/1000)(Rounded up)
All properties earn 700 instead of 1000

COP: Monthly Pay
All units gain standard 10/10 boost
Earn 1200 from all cities
Recons get extra 10/5 boost

SCOP: Jury Rig
All units gain standard 20/20 boost
All units gain HP equal to 6-(priceofunit/1500)(Rounded down), for a minimum of 1 HP healed
Recons get extra 15/7 boost

(So I built a CO in an attempt to make Recon's cool... Income drop'll probly kill them though. Don't judge my complicated price thingie on complicatedness alone :evil:.)
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Postby Hellraider » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:34 am

Underpowered. Properties earning only 700 basically means a price increase of nearly 50%. Which is not worth the stats, not to mention that footsoldiers are still 100/100.
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Re: CO Scrounger

Postby Ryuu » Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:43 am

There is something I don't quite understand about the unit parameters... So if we look at a Mech, would it be along the lines of--

130 - (1500/1000) for attack
125 - (1500/1000) for defense

Which means 130 - 2/125 - 2, or 128/123? That would also mean more expensive units will be weaker, and exponentially harder to purchase due to the income deficit.

Thus it would be along the lines of this for the units' ATK/DEF--
Land Units:
Mech 128/123
Recon 126/121
APC ---/120
Artillery 124/119
Tank 123/118
Missile 116/111
Rocket 115/110
Md Tank 114/109
Neo Tank 108/103

... You get the idea.

The point is that while you will have a feel similar to Kanbei's slow start, you will find it harder to start out with this custom CO due to lack of funds to get anything past Infantry units.

Also, does Monthly Pay shift income gain to 1200, or do you gain extra 1200 per city under your control upon activation of CO Power? These kinks aside, Your custom CO would be decent if he could establish control during the mid-game, but will fall quickly in the early expansion games.
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