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CO's, CO's Everywhere

Talk about custom COs, units, classes, weapons or anything else.

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CO's, CO's Everywhere

Postby Trevorbfla » Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:03 am

I'm gonna fire some concepts out and if you like em' I'll draw and finalize them. Let me know what you think if you do/don't like specific CO's.

Name (Country)
bio: Appearance. Background.
COP: "COP name"
SCOP: "SCOP name"

Rob (Orange Star)
hit: hard workers
miss: height puns
bio: A short and muscular CO he has mangy blond/brown hair and a beard. An avid gym member and all around cool guy, don't make fun of his height you might not get paid!
d2d: His units are well trained and work hard for a 110/110 bonus. +1 mv of all transport units.
COP: "overtime" Units move again 50/100 stats x2 fuel consumption -10 capture rate.
SCOP: "paid overtime" Units move again 110/110 stats -5 capture rate. -15% of current funds.
Terry (Orange Star)
hit: tequila
miss: hangovers
bio: Tall with thick dark hair and blue eyes. A banker who enjoys relaxing and a drink of tequila.
d2d: 100/100 earn back 5% of unit cost after purchase.
COP: "Balance the Books" earn back 15% of combined fielded units cost.
SCOP: "Tequila Fridays" 140/90 and -5% of combined fielded units cost.
Morgan (Cobalt Ice)
hit: ice
miss: flying
bio: A black man with dark freckles and a soothing voice. A long time advocate of penguin rights he now leads them as a skilled ground commander, but penguins are not well trained in the air.
d2d: 110/110 land 90/90 air 100/100 sea
COP: "March" +1 movement of all land units & 120/110 land
SCOP: "Blockbuster" 25% of enemy funds transferred to Morgan and enemy produces 100 less from each city/base next turn. land units 120/110.
Ceaser (Jade Sun)
hit: Jade Sun's people
miss: Jade Sun's government
bio: blond hair and glorious bronze skin. A leader of Jade sun he rules with distinction and has many rivals in his own army.
d2d: 120/120 all units
COP: "Glorious Rule" 140/140 -20% build cost
SCOP*: "Et Tu Brute" 90/90 all his units -3hp to his units.
*SCOP is automatically activated at the beginning of the turn when the star power gauge is max or during the turn when it reaches max.
Nahche (Brown Desert)
hit: mischief
miss: getting caught
bio: tall dark skinned man with a handsome face and powerful figure. The son of a famed warrior his mischievous behavior hides his truly reliable and honorable nature.
d2d: 100/100 enemies adjacent to his units at the end of their turn suffer 10% fuel and ammo loss.
COP: "Raid" his units move again but they cannot capture or attack. If they have not moved the unit is 115/100 and can move and attack normally.
SCOP: "Assault" his units can attack again but cannot move or capture. If they have not moved or attacked the unit is 130/100 and can move and attack normally.
Sangye (Teal Galaxy)
hit: peace
miss: pain
bio: Bald Buddhist monk with small scar on his chin. An unusual commander he fights to protect his people and abhors violence, but he abhors the suffering of his country even more.
d2d: 85/115
COP: "the way of peace" enemy attack/counterattack halved.
SCOP: "the way of pacification" all enemy units have 0 attack/counterattack
Karibachi (Black Hole)
hit: foreclosure
miss: high prices
bio: Young Japanese commander with black hair and a lip piercing. Former pupil of Hachi he has since turned his skills over to black hole for unknown reasons.
d2d: 100/100 receive 10% of damage dealt in funds
COP: "Scavenging" -30% unit cost and receive 30% damage dealt in funds
SCOP: "Forced Production" -50% unit cost, recieve 50% damage dealt in funds HQ can build land units ready to move when built.
Kathy (Red Fire)
hit: 24hr operations
miss: caffeine crash
bio: A brunette with a coffee mug in hands at all times. A very hard working commander she spends all day and night working tirelessly to coordinate combat and create plans, but she sometimes runs out of energy...
d2d: odd days 120/100 all units even days 75/100 all units builds COP 1.5x faster than normal
COP: "Large Coffee" for the next two days all units 125/110 on the third day all units 70/90 (cycle returns to normal after this day)
SCOP: "XL Coffee" for the next three days all units 130/110 on the fourth day all units 65/90 (cycle returns to normal after this day)
hit: Dakka
miss: puzzles
bio: Were da Orkz ya Gitz! We wus born to fight an win!
d2d: all direct fire units 150/90 all indirect fire units can bugger all (10/90)
COP: "Needs More Dakka!" Units attack twice, once before and once after enemy counter attacks.
SCOP: "WAAAGH!" All direct fire units fully repaired and 200/50
Oliver (Grey Sky)
hit: shady spots
miss: sunny fields
bio: A fashionable brown haired man he has short hair and a large hoodie. Some would say Oliver rarely sleeps, those who know him say he never sleeps, an insomniac with a love for the night he works well in FOW.
d2d: his cities act as forests in FOW +1 vision in FOW 100/110 all ground units
COP: "Night Owl" FOW for 1 turn units pierce forests and reefs FOW effect
SCOP: "Endless Darkness" FOW for two turns and for two turns units pierce forests/reefs FOW effect

I have more in the works but these are some of my favorite CO ideas yet.

Who can spot the three joke COs? What would you do to balance the existing COs?
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Postby Dragunov14 » Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:46 am

this topic... so tedious - hell, I couldn't even make it past the first couple of sentences and that's saying something!

If you're going to make one of these they need to really be a character preferably a novel, and maybe add in some pics or something.

Throwing a bunch of these together is... YUCK.
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Postby airob » Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:19 pm

Rob looks like a VB with a little bonus for transport units in D2D, if VB wasn´t overpowered already.
while his powers just resemble an AWDS eagle which was really broken, the capture rate and fuel consumption penalty doens´t cut it very well, his powers are still even more spammable that AWDS eagle´s.
This CO is really broken.

Morgan´s D2D let´s him purchase unit 5% cheaper, not very significant, sort of bland D2D. His powers though are really different one from each other, to the point of being almost contrary one to another.
his COP lets him get extra funds depending on how many units he still has, however does this give the funds equal to the units full HP price? so a 1hp infatry will still give back funds as a 10hp would?
His SCOP though if i understood correctly, nerfes his defense, streghtens his attack and take saway 5% of the total unit funding? his D2D will most likely build the required funds for his SCOP so he pretty much gets no D2D and no penalty during SCOP. sort of an average CO really.

ORK: this one caught my attention, this one looks like max with even more steroids and even a smaller........indirect power :P
while this one has completely nerfed indirect units, he doens´t has 1range less, which...i don´t even know if it will be worth to even make a indirect unit anymore.
his tanks can pretty much rush stuff efficiently, this CO can crush bland-attack D2D COs, like grimm and the bland ones, but it will be destined to die to COs with high defense D2D like kanbei or even a balanced VB, javier 1T. since they can hold a bit more his big attacks and counterattack efficiently to his useless defense. sort of a powered up grimm(if that can exist).
This CO´s COP uses dopamine and acid at it´s maximun efficiency to attack twice in a single engagement, it can be sort of good, and it will definitedly kill indirect units with one hit.(if they manage to survive the first attack that is)
his SCOP is though, it´s too long of a power bar only to get an even more shitty defense and what? 200 attack? the COP pretty much does this only that with a counterattack added.

Ceasar´s ah this one is sort of a double threat CO.
his D2D is very broken, you have VBX2(lets hope not twice as ugly)
his COP is incredibly broken, srsly, i had sacrifize my bomber to make him reach the SCOP just for the sake of not facing this monstrous power.
as for his SCOP, i´m not really sure if it compensates for the previouisly stated broken D2D and COP.

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Postby DullPheonix » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:33 pm

Hmm, they're all quite rough at the moment, and a few of them really show their roots as a combination of older COs. Pick out the ones you really like and we'll see how it goes from there. I'll remark on a couple details for now.

Rob and Nahche's CO Powers are a magnitude stronger than the closest competitors. They allow for double movement and double production, so you can imagine the results.

Sangye's Super is a pseudo-Lightning Strike. The opponent can move inbetween turns but cannot attack. You'll notice it's 10 stars when LS is 9.

For Karibachi, I'd try to avoid turning the HQ into a base; many map makers like to position the HQ in unorthodox ways and in AWBW you can have more than one. One alternative might be to allow bases to produce non-infantry units ready to move.

This is my own preference but it's shared to some degree by many others too: keep things simple. Many of these COs run a lot of effects and have to use large CO Power meters to compensate; if you slim things down it'll be easier to use more traditional sizes like 3/6. Having an accessible meter is especially important in AWBW because Powers are slow.
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Re: CO's, CO's Everywhere

Postby SoulCrusherEx » Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:08 pm

i like the ork haha xD WARHAMMER 40k FOR THE WIN DAKKA DAKKKA DAKKA !!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Moon is my favorite Country since the first Advance wars 1 Campaign
and Grit is my Favorite CO !!!!
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Re: CO's, CO's Everywhere

Postby Kamuscha » Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:06 pm

The Ork should have 20% less d2d defense due to his monstrous attack. His COP should be switched since the attack boost is weaker than the double turn like Eagle's SCOP. Instead of 200/50 on COP, it should be direct units gain +30%/-20%.

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Re: CO's, CO's Everywhere

Postby CO Raven » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:33 am

Lol. Right now, Ork is basically AW1 Max.
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Re: CO's, CO's Everywhere

Postby snipur » Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:26 pm

I like them all; they're all pretty unique. I'd pick Karibachi myself; he manipulates funds creatively, just like a black market merchant would :o
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