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Current Map Categories

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Current Map Categories

Postby Walker » Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:51 pm

As some of you might have noticed, we have updated the map categories for design maps on the site. We will be updating the maps in these categories over the next couple months. Here is the updated list and description of each map category:

2-Player Map Categories

S-Rank - Maps that are very well-designed and well-balanced, exhibiting minimal or negligible flaws. These are maps that are worthy of being used for competitive gameplay.

A-Rank - Maps that are playable and have no big flaws, but still have some room for improvement before being considered competition-worthy. These are maps that are good for casual games.

Under Review - Maps that are currently under review by the Map Committee, generally because further testing is needed to determine for which category the map is best suited.

New - Maps that have been made within the last month that have the potential to be A- or S-Rank maps. These maps make up the majority of the Z-Game map list.

2-Player Map Subcategories

Map Committee Favorites - Maps that are favorites of the Map Committee. These maps are models of proper map design, balance, and aesthetics, and provide fun and fair games for all players, and are among the best maps on the site.

Global League - Maps that are currently being used in the Global League.

Hall of Fame - Maps that were previously either used in the Global League or were among the Map Committee's favorite maps.

Base Light - Maps that have a sufficiently low number of bases such that gameplay is significantly altered from "standard" games. Generally, games on these maps will exhibit high numbers of vehicles and low numbers of infantry.

Fog of War - Maps that are designed or recommended for games with Fog of War on.

Heavy Naval - Maps on which naval units other than transports will generally be built and play a role in games.

High Funds - Maps that can be played with "Funds per Turn" set higher than 1000. This includes both regular High Funds maps and Limited High Funds maps.

Innovative - Maps that display an innovative or unusual concept. These are "one-of-a-kind" maps that are still fun and playable.

Large - Maps that are approximately 25x25 tiles large.

Mixed Base - Maps that use a mixed base setup.

Teleport Tile - Maps on which teleport tiles (or black tiles) have a significant impact on gameplay.

Multiplayer Map Categories

FFA Multiplay - Maps that have 3+ players and can be played as a free-for-all game (every player on their own team). Note that some maps can be played both as FFA or Team maps.

Team Play - Maps that have 3+ players and can be played as a team play game. Note that some maps can be played both as FFA or Team maps.

Miscellaneous Map Categories

Historical/Geographical - Maps that depict either a historical or geographical scene.

Joke - To quote airob: "maps that feature a certain inside-joke or mess around with terrain for amusing purposes, be aware that some of them have the same humorous material as my posts = zero."

Sprite - Maps that are sprite images. Usually these aren't playable maps.

Toy-Box - Maps dedicated to non-AWBW games (chess, checkers, etc.).
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