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Map categories(update)

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Map categories(update)

Postby airob » Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:37 pm

This is a list and description of each of the categories we posses on the site. I´ve updated the list from Snack´s post with the removed/added categories.

S-rank (10 maps): The best (most balanced, unique and entertaining) maps around, la creme de la creme in what map-making regards.

A-rank (100 maps): Not as good as the S-rank maps but they are the inmediate best maps after those, they exceed at design originality, gameplay and fun factor.

A-rank pending (# changes often): Maps being reviewed to be later put onto the A-rank category.

Good 2 player maps (800+ and increasing quite fast): Maps which don´t stand out enough to be S or A ranks but are still decent, fun to play maps, some gimmick concepts are often the reason they don´t reach the before mentioned categories.

New maps(# varies often): newly created maps which are balanced, decent and simple at first sight and are later reviewed to be added to another category.

Hall of Fame(past S and A ranks): as the name and parenthesis describes, this category is meant to hold maps from the past that once had a place on the A or S ranks. but they got outplaced by new ones.

League maps maps that are currently used for league games on the site.

Sprite maps maps that feature some reference often on their mini-image presentation with any media related stuff.

Team play maps as the name implies, maps that go here feature team games which range from 2v2 to even 5v5, though these last ones are less common because they lack real balance, or they just plain never go beyond turn 2.

Toy-box Remember lash fooling around with olaf´s hometown? well you may as well make an idea of how maps that go here look like. messed terrain galore!

Historical/Geographical being it the 200th world war themed map or you just plain felt like reenacting the civil war of USA because you didn´t get to play any role on your school play, that map will go here!

Joke maps that feature a certain inside-joke or mess around with terrain for amusing purposes, be aware that some of them have the same humorous material as my posts = zero.

Free for all multiplay ranging from 3 to 6 or even more players maps in a freanzy to kill each other! some maps can go here and on team play maps at the same team.

These categories server the purpose of making easier the process of searching for maps, mostly on the G2P category, because, you will likely lose your soul before finding something specific in that 800+ map dump. this way you can search through certain characteristics to find unique maps.

Base heavy( # varies): maps which posses a high amount of bases, 4 or more per side to be exact, maps from other categories are also tagged here if they meet the requirement.

Base light (# varies): maps that don´t fit in any of the other feature-related categories and have a base count of 1 to 3 per side. This one helps out so many generic maps aren´t lost forever on the 800+ massive G2P.

Heavy naval(# varies): maps that exceed on naval warfare and transportation and are balanced and fun to play still.

Large(#varies): maps that exceed a 25 X 25 size, or it´s overral tile count. any maps smaller are judged as simple maps.

Teleport tile(# varies): maps which make use of the misterious glitch tiles(also known as black tiles, because they Any unit can freely traverse black tiles as they have a movement cost of 0.

High Funds - For maps that are meant to be played with funds set to more than 1000 per property.[/quote]

IF ive lost any details or you have any suggestions to ask you can post here and i´ll edit the post, i demand sticky too by the way.
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Re: Map categories(update)

Postby Walker » Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:35 pm

Added a new category.

High Funds - For maps that are meant to be played with funds set to more than 1000 per property.
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Re: Map categories(update)

Postby blanci1 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:57 am

It might be nice and seems logical to have official categories also for
1 -mixed base maps
2 -heavy air maps
3 -(heavy) pre-deployed maps
4 -highly unusual maps

I have already collected many of the mixed base maps

i dont know of any heavy air personally , but it seems logical if we have a heavy naval category.. also it might encourage map-makers to make some heavy air if they get special treatment!

there are already some older pre-deployed maps around... we would obviously need to encourage people to make them balanced reasonably well.

highly unusual and experimental maps ... this could be a great place for maps like the still unclassified kreugsters pipe-seam maze
and for example the recent wierd stairway to the gods viewtopic.php?f=33&t=13833
In this unusual map category i think that simply "reasonable fairness" and curiosity factor should be the main criteria for inclusion.

I supose if there are not very many maps yet in groups 2 and 3 they could meanwhile simply be put into the unusual category 4.
So perhaps just the 1 and 4 would be fine. What does anyone think?
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