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new maps(2)

Critique and discuss the design maps on AWBW

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new maps(2)

Postby airob » Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:24 am

two fresh ideas of maps with some interesting features i guess, i scrapped these ones while i was through a bad streak on awbw and couldn´t do anything more than designing maps.
comment, discuss and stuff.
crawl from behind
HQ rush map, the HQ can protected by a base that can only deploy inf to that sector, and airport and a base than can deploy tanks, but each deployment facility being a bit more far away from the last one depending on it´s importance to protect the HQ i.e. the inf base is close, next the airports and finally the all-deployment base.

el rio acelguate loco!
a map based on the dirtiest and most dangerous river of my country, lol
it crosses through the capital. now onto the map, it has many paths to attack the enemy being the central bases can attack on two fronts, while the border ones just in one.

walkerboh on PM: Also it isn't a tag game either. Were you
drunk when you made this? haha

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