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Mori gets hyped about a game again...again.

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Mori gets hyped about a game again...again.

Postby Mori » Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:49 am

Yeah so this release date managed to sneak up on me.

Under Night In-Birth Final Promo

So much animu. So slow, calculated, and methodical compared to a lot of current fighters. Cool stuff all around. Have some developer gameplay, their PR channel is covered in it. The videos are less about competitive and more about showing off what each of the characters can do, but you get the idea.


Dev Gameplay - Orie vs Gordeau / Orie vs Linne

Dev Gameplay - Carmine vs Gordeau / Carmine vs Waldstein

Dev Gameplay - Gordeau vs Seth / Gordeau vs Yuzuriha


These three below were against the AI I believe, the three above are much better for actual gameplay. Posted anyways.

Dev Gameplay - Hyde vs Linne

Dev Gameplay - Carmine vs Orie

Dev Gameplay - Waldstein vs Carmine
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