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Forum Guidelines (read before posting)

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Forum Guidelines (read before posting)

Postby SmackCakes » Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:29 pm

Here are some guidelines to help you survive at AWBW, they are for everyone new and old. Do your best to follow them, and you should be just fine. :)

The One and Only Rule: Use Common Sense

Before you post, think about if what you're posting adds to the quality of the board. We all play here, so its our responsibility to keep the place clean and shiny so everyone can enjoy it. Some examples of exercising good common sense are as follows:

Don't Spam
Spamming is posting advertisements, abusive, or unneeded messages. Sometimes people spam in order to increase their post count, or because they're just annoying and can't help themselves. Think before you post, don't just post for the sake of it. Don't go posting twice in a row, when you could have just edited your first post.

Don't flame
Don't insult, belittle, or put each other down, there is no reason for it. You should always try and be polite and respectful. If someone is being rude to you then then don't make matters worse by retaliating. Just ignore them or tell a moderator.

Don't flame bait
Flame baiting is provoking other people into flaming you. This is usually done by creating controversial or divisive topics, topics about other forum members/staff, or sometimes by spamming, complaining, and generally annoying other people. Flame baiters often assume that because they are not actually swearing or insulting anyone, that they are not breaking any rules. Nothing could be further from the truth. People who deliberately make a nuisance of themselves and upset other forum members are unwelcome here. The specific method they use to provoke people is beside the point.

Try not to bump old dead topics unless you have something new and relevant to add. If the last reply was months ago and you're only response is something like "That's hilarious" or "I agree" then it's best just to leave it.

Conversely, if there is something you want to talk about, search for a relevant thread before creating a new topic. This helps to keep all of the information about a topic in a single place, making it easier for others to locate in the future You may even find a thread which answers your questions already.

Posting off topic
People create topics in order to discuss a particular subject. Please try to respect that by staying on topic, and ignoring others who post off topic. The worst kind of off topic posting is when people post to tell other people that they are doing something wrong i.e. necroposting, spamming, grammar etc... If you see someone doing something wrong then try to ignore them, or tell a mod. It is much more difficult to clear up spam when everyone has quoted and replied to the person spamming.
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