Welcome to my little slice of the web. This domain and the original hosting for it was obtained circa 2000-2001. Eventually I had less and less time to update and work on the site due to real life encroaching. As such, 99% of the pages located herein are extremely out of date and use very old tech. The main purpose was a way for me to learn about web technologies and maintain a variety of games played via the site. There were mainly two types of games I worked on: Play By Email (PBEM) and Play By Web (PBW). PBEM were usually board games that I would play in and post results of turns to the site as a way of archiving and general interest. The PBW games were either board/card games or video game ports that would allow players to play against each other.

I'm updating the homepage because I still actively use the domain for a lot of secondary purposes and there are still some people who use a few of the tools available here. However, the old page was so bad I felt it needed a little refresher. These days I don't generally post much to this site proper, but I still think it's important to hold this page. Generally I'm posting to a variety of other sites and social services as they do what I had originally wanted to do far better and I don't have time to do that stuff myself anymore anyway.

So feel free to peruse any of the links on the left hand side, but don't be surprised if they're super ugly and/or non-functional. Also feel free to hit me up on any of the various social sites as well. Cheers!